It’s NOT just a BAG! It’s a System! A successful Approach for 23 years!

Flagship Unique “U-Pick” Bag.

Unique Design Apple Bag was created to help with the busy harvest time for ease and accuracy of produce that fits in a bag.

Benefits to you:

  • Eliminate the weighing process
  • Easy to implement allowing you a guaranteed sale
  • Creates Easy Traffic Flow
  • Allows you to charge customers on the way in, relieving long lineups
  • Increase Yield on Crop
  • Very Little Handling
  • Set Standard pricing for each size


  • Designed for “Pick Your Own” Farms either new or existing
  • Bag does NOT stretch
  • Custom Printing for Marketing your Company Name
  • Increase your earnings
  • New Basket Design allows for a variety of Produce

Available in 8lbs, 10lbs/1 Peck, 18lbs and 20lbs/Half Bushel

New Basket Prints available!

Increase profits!

  • Contact us for more information on how this can help you increase your profits.

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