About Us

Family owned and Operated

We supply creative packaging designs and shipping supplies.

Helping our customers stand out from the others. We are a family run Canadian business that has been working together for almost 50 years.

We started out wanting to help people with their custom packaging needs to get the advertising that your business needs.

We decided to go the environmental way, we would all agree we have to keep products out of landfills.

When it comes to standing out from the crowd our custom packaging will stand out loud.

Looking for something unique, an idea in your head? We can help with your product packaging ideas.

Let us help.

We offer paper, plastic, recycled and reusable packaging products for the food and non-food industries.

We are looking forward to the future with new packaging ideas throughout the year.

Like you we produce a high quality product in return for a fair market price.

Making our products Eco-friendly is the way to go and helps your name get out there, showing the world you are thinking of the future.

It’s not just a bag, it’s a system.

We sell more than just bags we can also help you design a special and unique package for your product.

  • Leader in the Agritourism Packaging Industry
  • Supplying custom, unique and specialty packaging supplies
  • Family Owned and Operated since 1983
  • Focused on saving you TIME and MONEY
  • Creating cost-effective unique products
  •  BRC Certified- Recognized globally by the Global Food Safety Initiative
  • Integrating Sustainability into our product lineup
  • Involved in yearly trade shows in North America

Contact us for a free quote, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

905-458-6565 or team@applebaglady.com

Premier Containers (1983) Inc. 169 McGill Dr. Janetville, ON  L0B 1K0